Sunday, May 8, 2011

Redneck Turtle Wrangling

Since moving to Georgia, we have had some interesting times in our attempts to catch a fish... any fish.. Never in my life have I had so much trouble catching something. But, here.. the fish just don't like us!

Last week, The Man, DD14 and I went fishing at the River:

In order to get to said fishing spot, we had to brave the wild and wooly woodlands.

Which involved climbing over and under logs, branches and thorns!

And gave me lots of up close and personal interactions with bugs of all kinds..

(I think this is a locust, but I'm not positive)

Needless to say, I sprayed myself with about a half-gallon of Deep Woods Off before even stepping foot in those woods. I am deathly afraid of ticks. And, I didn't get one! Whoohoo!

We were following a path that we had never taken before and it led us WAY back in the woods. Finally we got to a clearing in which we found The Guy With One Eye's Secret Hideout !

This is his bed, his cooler and we also found his stick pole and lots of beer cans and food wrappers. (scary!)

Anyway, we figured he was out terrorizing little girls for the day, so we set up shop and began fishing. One hour passed ... nothing. Two hours passed and we saw a giant Gar in the water. I didn't get a picture, but here is what they look like:

Well, that encouraged us to stay for hour #3. :^/

Finally The Man got a BITE! Whoohoo! But, it was no fish. Nope, it was a turtle....

Now how do we get the stupid thing up on the bank when we are on a ledge three feet above the water? We climb all over the bank, trying not to fall in... Climb down to where we can barely reach the water and pray the line doesn't break. But, we still can't get the turtle up on the bank.. so, we look around and find something that we can fish her out with.....

Yup, that works! Notice I stayed out of the way and let the true Rednecks handle this part..

The turtle is safely enclosed in the chair, rofl.

Needless to say, this was the only thing we caught that day besides a couple of teeny tiny bluegills that we threw back.

Today is another day that a fishing trip is planned. Wonder what lays in wait for us today?