Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where Are All The Normal People?

Tonight I have an extra kid spending the night. It is already loud and I want to lock myself in my room with a huge pair of headphones on. LOL Unfortunately, I would much rather have the kids at home than I would at other parents' houses. Isn't that sad? At least I know what they are up to here. The last time I let my 12 year old son spend the night with a friend I found out that a neighbor of theirs had given him a beer and dip. WTF?? One of the last times I let my now 15 y/o daughter out with her friends, she came home smelling of alcohol which was given to her by some 20-something year uncle of her friend. Why is it so hard to find to find normal, responsible people who have half-way normal children for my kids to play with?

Sometimes I feel like I am the only responsible adult around. I know I'm not. But, it feels that way sometimes. I certainly haven't met any since moving to my current area. The adults are insane, their kids are even worse - or maybe it's the other way around. Why isn't anyone just 'normal' anymore? Why do adults want to be as childish as their children? Why do they act like a bunch of unruly drunken sailors with the mouths to match? Why can't a normal family even spend time in their own yard without having to deal with crazy neighbors screaming insults and obscenities?

Sigh. I swear, the next time I move I am going on some type of undercover mission to stake out my prospective neighborhood. I will watch how the neighbors interact with each other, sit in at the schools, observe the inner workings of the neighborhood before I move there.