Friday, May 20, 2011

Call The Cops? Why Bother?

I have had several instances in my life in which I needed the aid of the police or sheriff deputies or whatever they were called in whatever state I was in at the time. And EVERY time, they have utterly failed to perform any type of justice.

Let me give you some examples from the past:

Age 19, going through a divorce, being constantly harassed by my soon to be ex-husband. The police show up at my door and though I was the one needing help, since my ex had called too, from another state and because he was an ex-marine turned prison guard, they bought HIS story of my abusing and not feeding my child. I invited them in, showed them my child, my home and my overflowing refrigerator and cupboards and they STILL had the nerve to tell me (and I quote) "If you bring your problems into OUR town, Lady, WE are gonna solve them for you. You'd better watch yourself." And left.

A few years later: An abusive relationship. I called the police three times and they did nothing about the abuse. I was forced to leave my home because the man always told them I instigated the fights and put MY hands on HIM. I couldn't take anything with me but some clothes and my children. Everything in the house was mine, stuff I had since I was a child up to and including everything I had worked for as an adult. I got a restraining order against the abuser and was supposed to be able to go pick up my things in the company of the police. I tried to get them to go with me several times, but they were 'too busy'. I ended up getting a call at work from the abuser saying "Hear that sound? That's the bonfire I'm having with your stuff!" I went the next morning and sure enough, he had taken everything out of the house, everything I and my children owned, even my father's ashes and burned it in a huge bonfire in the yard. I went to the police in tears... they said "There is nothing we can do."

Same person, same time period. I had the order of protection on this guy and happened to drive down the same street that he was on unknowingly. I didn't stop. Just kept going and got out of there. He immediately called the police and told them that I was violating the order of protection. They came and threatened to arrest ME.

Several years later after a brief relationship with someone that I ended quickly after realizing he had a huge dose of insanity, he started stalking me, slashing my tires, smashing windows, breaking into my house (he actually stole all my underwear!), harassing phone calls, threats, etc. I called the police several times. He actually tried to stab me with a sharpened stick and when the police came, they just asked him to leave with no other action taken.

Those are just a few of the times from the past.

Now let's talk about recently. I have insane neighbors. I'm talking Looney-Tunes. These women and their children are complete trouble makers, alcoholics, thieves and get away with everything. Since I do not get into all that and refuse to participate in their craziness they have made it their goal in life to constantly harass me and my children. My children can't even go outside in the yard without being called filthy names, having the other women's children come down and push them around, shoot them with BB guns, destroy their toys, etc. They have their children come into my yard and rip out the flowers in my flower bed. Their children hit, push and bully my children at school and on the bus. MY children have come home with marks on them from being hit with one of the child's cast. And nothing gets done about it.

Twice in the last month the police have been called. Insane neighbor #1 was harassing my 14 year old daughter and calling her every filthy name in the book and threatening her with bodily harm. When the police came, they just said to stay away from her. Which we do anyway. DD14 was only walking to a friend's house on the road in front of Insane neighbor #1's house. The cop said he knew it was the neighbor being an ass and to call if we had any more problems.

So, yesterday, Insane Neighbor #2 starts with DD14, calling her filthy names, coming onto MY property reeking of alcohol and trying to push her way into my house to go after DD14. I forced her to leave my property and called the police. She, of course, denied doing anything wrong and blamed it all on my DD. So, the police tell me (get this) that my only choices were to do nothing or they would arrest Insane Neighbor #2 AND my DD!!!!!

Excuse me but W. T. F. ?????????????????

What the hell do we even have these cops for? They have never ONCE helped in ANY situation in which there was justice to be served or people in my family to protect. I am a very quiet person and do not bother anyone. My kids are practically house-bound because of people like that and even at school nothing is ever done to the bullies who abuse them. When I had finally had enough of my DD14 getting pushed around at school and told her to 'take care of it' if someone put their hands on her, she was labeled as the troublemaker and is now looked down on by all but a few of her teachers and is constantly singled out to get in trouble.

I am not saying that my children are perfect, but they do not go around instigating fights, calling people nasty names or bullying anyone. All they want to do is be able to go to school in peace, play outside and not be harassed and verbally or physically abused.

If I were to do or say the things that these people say and do to my children, I am SURE I would be sitting my ass in jail right now.

I don't have the money to move and if I did, I would be breaking my lease and lose my deposit. I'm just at the end of my rope here and can hardly stand the thought of my children being trapped in the house all summer long because of these people who get away with doing whatever they want with no recriminations.