Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confessional Blog Hop


This is my first time linking up with the Friday Confessional. Thought it looked like a fun way to get my new blog started.

I confess....

That I have spent the last two months in a horrible fog of depression.
And during said depression, in an attempt to have NOTHING in common with the 'other woman', I cut off all my hair.
Now, I miss my hair...

I confess...

That I now have a bunch of more issues to deal with than I am currently capable of handling.
Or at least, I think so...
He must think otherwise.

I confess...

That I really, really am totally sick of my current financial situation and need to do something about it.
That I have no idea exactly what to do about it.

I confess..

That I cried every time someone sang on The Voice and nobody turned around!

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