Monday, April 25, 2011

The Beginning Of A Blog And Some Awesome Marines!

The beginning of any blog is always the hardest part. How do you introduce it? What should your very first post be about?  In this case, I think that I will just jump right in. There is no way to catch you up on my life, that would be more like writing a book than a blog. So, I'll just start right where I am.

This is not my first blog or even my only blog. I had my own domain and a personal blog before. However, situations happened and I forgot to renew my domain name and someone snatched it up before I could re-register it. This ticked me off immensely, because right now it is just parked and not doing anyone any good. The name had been mine for years and now it is not. I even quit blogging for a few months because of it. But, now, even though I am still a bit irritated, I shall just start fresh and let it go.

With that said.. here are some awesome Marines!

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