Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things That Are Really Ticking Me Off Right Now

This has been a very stressful week, to say the least. And since my blog is my venting ground, I thought I would share it with you lucky folks!

Here are some things that are really ticking me off right now:

1.) My DD14. She is currently in a very rebellious stage which has included (this week only)
  • lying to her friends' moms about me kicking her out of the house over buying her a box of tampons.
  • putting some boy on the phone when I demanded to speak to an adult at the house she was at.
  • disappearing with said boy for three hours and making me and the boy's step-mother go on a wild goose chase to find them.
  • doing things with her boyfriend (which is not the boy mentioned above) that disappoint me and make me question her every move.
  • disappearing from midnight last night till after 1:30 a.m. and my not knowing where the hell she was, making me frantic with worry.. especially when I found her pajamas outside on the swing set.
  • not expecting me to keep her house-bound and without her phone for the whole rest of her teenage life.
  • stealing my cigarettes (and everyone else's) every time we take our eyes off them for one millisecond.
2.) Then, there is my diet and exercise... I have worked out for at least 30 minutes on five of the last 7 days, logged my nutritional intake and stayed way within or below my calories. And I don't think I have lost one pound. My official way in day is tomorrow.

3.) The neighbors won the Spring Cleaning contest that my landlord put on because WE weed-eated the boundary that separated our properties. They got a week of free rent. And her children keep ripping apart the flower bed that I put around my mailbox.

4.) The Man questioning what I am doing while he is at work and freaking out thinking I am 'talking to people online or by text' when HE is the one who had an affair with someone he worked with at his last job.

5.) The Man whining about how he works all night and doesn't get any sleep and has to pay bills when I worked my whole life (many years on night shift) and have paid all the bills since we have been together up till now.

6.) James Durbin getting voted off of American Idol. Now I don't ever want to watch it again.

I'm sure that there is more that I can add to my list, but I think this is enough for now, don't you? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr