Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Confessional Blog Hop May 27, 2011


Haven't linked up to Friday Confessional for a while, so I'm sure I can find tons of things to confess....

Let's see...

I confess... that I am 50% glad that school is done for the summer and 50% freaking out because I have no idea how I'm going to keep these kids from fighting and being miserable all summer! Also freaking out 'cause The Man works three 12 hour overnight shifts and needs to sleep during the day and the kids raise hell all day from the time they get up until I have threatened their life enough times that they start to believe me, which is a lot. I have to get to 'that' point where I look like:

I confess... that I wish The Man worked more 12 hour overnight shifts and slept more, too! Because, really, he is as bad as the kids with needing me to keep him entertained at all times. Holy freaking Cow! Give me a break already!

I confess... that if I have to hear about The Man having to work all night One More Time, I am going to cut my damned ears off! No duh! I KNOW that you work all night. So what? I did it for YEARS while raising four kids on my own!!! Did I get a medal or anything? NO!

I confess... that if I hear about how The Man feels he should have a bunch of money out of his paycheck for bullshit purchases instead of paying bills I ... well, I don't know what I will do! To me, bills come first, even if it takes every single last dime of your paycheck. That's just life. You work to pay bills. If there is anything left, fine. If there isn't or if there is another bill coming up that you cannot pay with just one paycheck, you put it away and use it to pay the bill when it comes due. You do not deserve a 'treat' every week just because you have a job. Grow the heck up already!

I confess... that I was totally touched and almost bawled in front of my son's entire third grade class when my boy was so happy that I made it to his play and awards ceremony. He kept introducing me by saying : "This is my mom, isn't she cute?" rofl. He was just so proud that I was there. It was bitter-sweet in a way because I have missed so much of all of the kids' school functions.

I confess... that I had to choose WHICH child I would see at their awards ceremony because they scheduled them at the exact same time! Which made me very angry. I had to miss my 12 y/o son's ceremony. But, I left The Man there while I went to DS8's. Still.. didn't seem fair to have to choose.